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Da'[R]uder MySpace? [Sep. 21st, 2006|12:28 pm]
Da [R]uder Gang... Da'[R]uDer 異端組会

Okay I decided to make a Da'[R]uder myspace since most of out members are most active there? So people. Agree?
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Mp3 [Jul. 8th, 2006|02:20 pm]
Da [R]uder Gang... Da'[R]uDer 異端組会

Posted some mp3s here for fellow Da'[R]uders. ENJOY!

I'm new to IZABEL VAROSA but I like their style. Not exactly a big of his voice but it's still good

WIZARD - Drop Nude
I'm addicted to WIZARD nowdays.. Kaita sounds like Jui from Vidoll (look like him too) in my opinion but lighter. Does anybody have videos or interviews by them?

12012 - Souseji
This is really one hella good song from 12012! As usual angsty stuff by them

Fatima - Public Eyes
Fatima... I like the beats in the beginning of this song.

Vidoll - I My Aimai
My first and my favourite song by them. I listen to this song to end I still like it. It has no meaning though I think.. the lyrics for this song.

Kazoku - Prima Donna
I think I just fell in love Kazoku! Prima Donna just pawns. For me Kazoku's music style is pretty mixed. The vocalist sounds a bit like Mao from SID but musicwise quite different.

Metronome - Sekai wa minna boku wa kataki
I think they rocked but they really have a pretty image. The opt for a euroguro image which conrtadicts their music style. They do have a slight dark feeling int their songs. I really recommend them! The vocalist raps in this song.

Gazette - Kantou Dogeza Kumiai
This is a pretty old song by Gazette (now ish The GazettE).. it think they are good no matter what people say. There are complains about them here and there like they are appearing everywhere and stuff. But they are good and you know it! This song rocks. It's pretty noisy.

Ayabie - Chaos Cream Festival
I love Ayabie. Though I find Aoi's voice a tad bit annoying at time but their music rocks. This was my first song by them but it did get me to pay more attention to them.

Psycho Le Cemu - Gekiai no Merry Go Round
I was never fond of their image. But this song is pretty cool. Pretty old-school jrock but one of the nicer songs I liked from them.

Got this from somewhere I forget..

04 July - Gackt
05 July - Shou (Alice Nine)
05 July - Kanon (An Cafe)
06 July - Gara (Merry)
08 July - Kai (Serial Number)
09 July - Miuki (Da'[R]uder)
11 July - Takeo (Pierrot)
11 July - Yuki (Raphael, Rice)
12 July - Shizumi (Kagerou)
14 July - Gin [Da'[R]uder)
14 July - Yomi (Nightmare)
14 July - Kenichi (Merry)
16 July - Kuroneko (Onmyouza)
19 July - Kamijo (Lareine)
20 July - Hiroki (D)
20 July - Tenten (KuRt)
22 July - Nii (Girugamesh)
23 July - Wataru Miyawaki (12012)
24 July - You (Janne da Arc)
26 July - Miya (MUCC)
28 July - Yuh (Sin)
29 July - Oto (ex-KuRt)
30 July - Daisuke (Kagerou)
30 July - Isuke (La'Mule)
31 July - Nao (Alice Nine)
31 July - Zero (D'espairsRay)

Happy Belated Bday Shou, Gackt and Kanon.. *sprinkles*
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Da'[R]uder's rare animals KTXBAI! [Jul. 8th, 2006|04:03 am]
Da [R]uder Gang... Da'[R]uDer 異端組会

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Our rare animals.... the 3Ks!! Kaori, Kon and Kuroretsu (just call him Kuro for short).. BUAHAHAHAHA
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Gazette Fanfic [Jul. 1st, 2006|04:07 pm]
Da [R]uder Gang... Da'[R]uDer 異端組会

Hey people. Here I post fics from our very own ginhaku_dono. Hope you guys enjoy her works!

WARNING : This a BL/ Yaoi fanfic

Title : VOICE
Author: GinHaku (ginhaku_dono)
Band: Gazette
PairingS: Gazette (U will know. Continue Reading)
Over rating: NG-17 (Pretty Hardcore)
Summary: "Just hoping for everything to be alright. To accept us just they way we are..." Uruha
Warning: Has a bit of everything...might trigger some abnormal rising of hormone, drools n nosebleed..
Notes: Have fun reading but don't take it too seriously cause it's just a fan fiction

CHAPTER 1 - White RoseCollapse )
CHAPTER 2 - RosesCollapse )
CHAPTER 3 - White LiliesCollapse )
CHAPTER 4 - Bright IvyCollapse )
CHAPTER 5 - torn into garden, embraced by white rosebuds Collapse )
CHAPTER 6 - Aster in Beauty’s wrathCollapse )
CHAPTER 7 - Aster conflicts White Rosebuds; birth of yellow rose Collapse )
CHAPTER 8 - Lust of the red rose; thorn of the yellow rose Collapse )

(Chapter 9 coming soon....)
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Taicho-sama's Birthday [Jun. 26th, 2006|04:06 am]
Da [R]uder Gang... Da'[R]uDer 異端組会

Hai hai. I'm supposed to be uploading Part 4 but yes I'm too lazy and I'm also too caught up with assignments. Anyways! 25th of June was Kiryo's (our Taicho for Da'ruder), Birthday. ginhaku_dono, mayys and arcsama went and get the cake for Taicho! Tanjobi Omedeto!!! I'm so sorry I'm too tired to type the events of the day. You can check my journal to see what happen!

Okies the attendees are
Prince Lui

WE also took puris for our Black Moral Modified Version! XD

More under cutCollapse )

More candid pics will be post later! XD
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Gazette Black Moral Da'[R]uder Version Part Three [Jun. 17th, 2006|06:20 am]
Da [R]uder Gang... Da'[R]uDer 異端組会


Boy-Love Photoshoots
WARNING: Not for those who can't take BL!

Oh ya these are the shots everybody has been waiting for.. LOLS enjoy ppl! (yes some did have fun BLing.. not me though HAHA but it's interesting!)

Yes the day was started off as..

The Love Triangle (or square or hexagon @_@):
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

To discover more....Collapse )
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Gazette Black Moral Da'[R]uder Version Part Two [Jun. 16th, 2006|12:25 pm]
Da [R]uder Gang... Da'[R]uDer 異端組会

Part 2 : Individual shots

Kagami as AoiCollapse )

Kiryo as ReitaCollapse )

Lavena as RukiCollapse )

Kon as KaiCollapse )

Gin as UruhaCollapse )
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Gazette Black Moral Da'[R]uder Version Part One [Jun. 16th, 2006|12:23 am]
Da [R]uder Gang... Da'[R]uDer 異端組会


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ruki : lavhire
Aoi : rueki
Reita : keisaki
Uruha : ginhaku_dono
Kai : arcsama

~Special Thanks~
mayys as Digicam photoghaper and location provider
mi_chi_ru as SLR photographer
keisaki as makeup artist
ginhaku_dono as props handler
and everybody involved! Also thanks to Toounit and arcsama for using their house.

Well this our first photoshoot for us to buck up for our Shiikureta Haru, Kawarenu Haru and Mad Marble Hell Vision. Most of us are amateurs (except for the Reita cosplayer)and if we are bad I really hope you people will forgive us.

Gazette Black Moral : Da'[R]uder Version Part 1 Group Shots > 26 in totalCollapse )
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A little Update [Jan. 8th, 1970|06:35 am]
Da [R]uder Gang... Da'[R]uDer 異端組会

Sorry to be slow for uploading the photos these days I know I have been really late. *swt* Please check our profiles below. I'm gonna divide the photos into a few sections. The complete photo collection is in my hands so I'll be uploading soon.

Gazette : Black Moral Da'[R]uder ver : Da'[R]uder 1st photoshoot

Part 1 : Group Photoshoots

Part 2 : Individual Photoshoots

Part 3 : BL Photoshoots (hehe I know you guys have been wanting these)

Part 4 : In the making and kuso pics
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THE RUDERS [Jun. 12th, 2006|01:08 am]
Da [R]uder Gang... Da'[R]uDer 異端組会


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

KIRYO Taichou
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Stage name kiryo name kei, rei age 18 ranking Taicho
status makeup and fashion artist, bassist player now student at The One Academy
Kei heavilly inspired by Reita! Loves his bass playing and his style. Is a bassist for [+Distretto Occulto+] and currently finding a drummer. Interested? style visual kei image/gothic punk LJ keisaki

MICHIRU Shachoudairi

Stage name michiru name miu, miuki age ?? ranking
status photographer now studying in SEGI college
MiuIs mad about PlayStation~!!..Actually, just ignore whatever that comes from Miu, full of crap and likes things based on impulse/a very RANDOM person.(^_~) style JunkorPunk? =P LJ mi_chi_ru

KAGAMI Fukutaichou

Stage name kagami name ruth, ruki age 17 ranking
status Marche mistress and accesories freak now taking SPM
Kagami An avid fangirl of aoi from gazette. stylo, blur, warm, friendly and a huge aoi freak! style Gothic punk LJ rueki


Stage name ginhaku name yuu, gin age 18 ranking
status Props maker and fanfic author now student at TAR studying A levels
Gin is a avid fan of Uruha and love him to bits. Is damm crazy about Gazette, Phantasmagoria & Vidoll. Extremely BL-minded lately & can be dead blur. The so-called 'manager' of [+Distretto Occulto+] and she also thinks a drummer is needed
style mostly punk and casual LJ ginhaku_dono


Stage name garyu name masayo age 15 ranking
status vocalist and camwhorer now in High school
garyu A girl who likes chocolate and yogurt and camwhores practically everyday. Vocalist for [+Distretto Occulto+]. Very gengki all the time style Oshare mix punk LJ garyu_rox


Stage name kaori name snoppy, di di age 17 ranking
status now taking SPM
Kaori Big renter en soi, phantasmagoria and dir en grey fan. loves satsuki & toshiya. self-proclaimed vain boy. guitarist [+Distretto Occulto+] and VAIN. likes pink and purple style hip hop punk LJ kaori_kun


Stage name KONSAMA name kenny age 17 ranking
status food and location provider now taking SPM
Arc is a very crazy guy who is a freak of MYV and Aoi but doesn't really show it. bassist for his band in school style hip hop casual LJ arcsama


name lystia age 16 ranking
status photographer now still in high school
Lystia konsama's other half. is an aspiring photographer to take over the world and to photograph for people. Owns Kheia and Miiryue. an expert camwhorer. topshop and miss selfridge addict wannabe. is in love with her hair. style Casual and gothic lolita LJ mayys


Stage name Kuroretsu name Jei Jei age 18 ranking
status guitarist now studying in ToA first year
Jei Jei Our new member and acoustic guitarist for [+Distretto Occulto+] very shy at first but very talkative when you know him. everybody is in love with his hair. His stage name is originated from "Clorets" for his fetish over it style casual punk LJ none at the moment


Stage name Megumi name Gumi, Lydia age 18 ranking
status members recruitement? now studying in ToA first year
Megumi Our new member and one of the cutest gal in Da'[R]uder! Loves Aoi X Uruha to bits and can't help reading their fanfics every single day style decora mix punk LJ m_egumi


Stage name Ashes name Ash, pao shun age 21 ranking
status room provider? now studying in ToA first year
Ashes Our most elegant and oldest member of all. Quiet yet wise. style casual LJ none at the moment
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